Monday, November 22, 2010

ive finally found out why i am so bad with women.

Im way too clingy in the begining and i am way to blunt and straightforward when it comes to words.

I feel bad when i hurt a womans feelings but im just a blunt person.

Being myself is more important than the attention or intimacy of a woman.

Sounds crazy doesnt it.

I really dont care if i hurt your feelings.

I wish there was someone to understand me (or at least try to understand me).

Robert Greene says that its only a fool who's honest all the time because if you are too honest you will hurt other peoples feelings.

I guess your on the fools blog right now.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shit happens but one's thing for sure...

James Tubman will always shine from on top of the heap lol.

It seems like everytime i have a short coming somthing good happens after that.

Just last month i made a lot of money and spent it all within less than a month.

Now i have an opportunity to make it all back.

The question is what will i do with it?

Since i was young i have always been notriously bad at saving money.

Whats a good way to save money.

I dont have too many people who come to this site but sting lol, i know you are excellent at saving so can you please give me some pointers on ways to sav money and ways to discipline yourself to save more.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Pisces met Pisces.

One thing you should know about a pisces if you are in a relationship is that we are helpless romantics.

We love to be in love and we are always dreaming about the day that we find our soulmate (i know i sound like a woman but the pisces men tend to think like this too).

I was on fulton st. in brooklyn selling my stuff when a very attractive young lady came up to me to ask me about my cleanse.

She listened to me intently and she gave me heavy eye contact.

After i gave her my pitch (it was pretty irresistable) she broke down and bought a bottle.

When she took out her money i mmediately said well let me get your number so i can keep track of your usage (and eventually resupply you when your run out).

When i asked her for her number she blurted out, "oh what you want my number for you trying to ask me out on a date or something?"

I took a quick look at her and saw how fine she was and it seemed like she asked that question because maybe she was hoping i would so i said "yeah! I was hoping i could take you out next thurday to a nice ethiopian restauraunt and maybe i can to get to know you a little better." (i usually dont have this kind of confidence but i felt safe enough around her to ask that question).

So she stood there looking at me blushing with delight then i knew i had her (he he he)!

That was last week and we've been talking ever since then.

She is so easy to talk to.

Sometimes we've spent hours on the phone talking about our lives (i havent done this since high school).

I really lik ethis girl and i do believe that i can have everything i want with her except im going to have to change everything about myself.

See its hard for 2 pisces to get along because they are both passive and clueless about reality.

They live in a fantasy world and that idealized way of looking at the world prevents them from reaching their full potential.

We need stronger willed mates to give us very important reality checks before we go off the deep end.

Knowing this i can change my personality to be more practical and down to earth.

The only reason i would even think about doing this is because i really like this girl.

She's weird too in so many ways because she's 24 years old and she's never had a perm in her hair and she's never eaten pork before.

Im intrigued.

She's rarely been out of nyc so if we remain cool i want to take her to miami (so i can see her fine ass in a baithing suite).

And other placces (i got so many plans for her she's never going to know what hit her).

Tubby is getting ready to be a very naughty boy lol.

Friday, October 29, 2010

They'll be a lot that will be said about James Tubman after he's dead, but they wont say...

I aint no pussy!

Brothers wish they had the stones to do what i did but they dont thats why they just wishin.

I came to new york with hardly any money and i hope that by the time i leave brooklyn to live somewhere else i'll leave a multi-millionaire.

I sell a colon cleanse i manufacture myself on fulton and elm st. in downtown brooklyn.

I get lots of sales and its only going tto get better.

I stand in their faces, by pass the people who are in good shape and aim straight for the fatties lol (im not laughing too hard because im beoming one myself).

too make a long story short the new promised land is new york city.

if you already live here do yourself a favor.

live in a small town then come back and you will see the opportunities that you didnt see before.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some weird stuff hapened this week already!

This has been a funny week.
First off this past sunday i went to a big natural healing expo (for hippies like me) where they displayed the latest technology and information about natural healing, psychic abilities, astrology you know right up my alley.
So i go there and a lot of very interesting things happened.
First off as soon as i hit the floor im immediately zapped by zero gravity (a woman had a 300.00 pen that zaps the different chakras in the body with zero gravity and this zero gravity is supposed to give a person or whatever is being zapped an overall feeling of well being.
Needless to say i didnt but the pen but i still felt better.
To make a long story short, i was in a lecture by the worlds most popular psychic (her name is janet something) and she told everybody to get a partner.
This beautiful slightly older woman was sitting in the next eisle.
She looked at right at me so i gave her an indication to come over.
She grabbed my hand and the assignment was to look in each others eyes for 2 straight minutes and say the first thing that came to mind.
We stared at each other and she said to me "i wish you would stop looking so sexy"
I was like uh okay lol (i hadnt been called that in a while so relished that moment).
But anyway after that incident i got her number.
She's in her 40's and im only 29 but if she down with occasional romp im down too!
She said she had a friend but she didnt hesitate to give me those digits.
Im like "you're over 40 i dont see a ring on your finger"
Then tonight i was thinking about this girl i wanted to sleep with since i first met her in manhattan last year and sure enough we damn near bumped right into each other (she wont let me get it easily but im going to try because she is definately worth it).
And all this has happened after i recently dumped the girl i was supposed to be marrying.
If im getting this much play already then i know it was meant to happen.
Hopefully ill have better stories in the future.
The moral is Dont Hold on to Somebody if you in your heart believe that you arent meant to be together.
Because something better could be just around the corner.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now Im Talking to the Man Behind the Man!

Anybody who's been reading this blog for a few years knows that i really look up to a brother by the name of Amos Wilson.

He was a black psychologist and he devoted a lot his time to helping black people solve their own problems.

He did a number of lectures in new york and all around the western hemisphere.

He wrote a number of books to display his theories with his monumental work being Blueprint for Black Power (i use the cover of his book as a photo to identify myself when i go to other sites)

Well now since im living in new york i thought it would be cool to try and contact the man that helped him get a lot of his works published.

That man's name is Sababu Plata (funny name but he's a great guy).

From 1989 till amos's death in 1995 they worked together to produce some of the greatest social thought in black american history.

Without Mr. Plata he would not have gotten Blueprint published.

When we finally liberate ourselves from White and Asian domination it will be to great extent a result of the work he and Dr. Amos did so his work has great significance.

I talked to him about my business and he gave me some encouraging words.

Im so glad i moved to new york and i know for a fact that i will make some serious moves here.

I want to employ a lot of brothers to sell my herbal products but many dont want to sell them.

But once i show them how successful they can be at selling them maybe they will change their mind.

This should be the goal of black leadership in this post industrial society.

Its great because when i ask mr. plata questions about dr. wilson he always give me some wise quote that he said and then the answer makes a little more sense.

Doint be afraid to call on the wisdom of old black people.

You'll be surprised at what they can teach you.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Would You Consider An Open Marriage?

At one point i was a hopeless romantic.

I thought that two people should truly be soulmates to be in a marriage but boy my opinion of marriage has changed drastically in the past few years.

I'm a pisces so i am naturally romantic by nature, but i really dont think there is such a thing as a soulmate.

Like Chris Rock said, "nobody gets a soulmate. all you goin get in life, if you're lucky, is a mate."

Now i do believe that their could be a soulmate out there for you (i know i just contradicted myself but...) but i just dont want to spend all my time looking for one.

Im lazy and impatient.

I've been friends with a girl now from new york for almost a year.

We talk almost everyday.

We dont get along with each other much except when she wants to spend my money but im cool with her so i decided to go ahead and pop the question lol.

She accepted so hopefully we can get married some time soon.

What really made me want to get married is looking at my neighbors.

These two are siblings (brother and sister).

The woman is pushing 70 and her brother is in his mid 70's.

Neither one of them are married.

They live in different houses too.

They are pathetic, always fussing and cussing with each other, old miserable and lonely.

I dont want to be like that so I decided to marry the woman ive been friends with the longest (and the one I knew would accept the propsal).

I like this girl because she's easygoing like me, even though she'll get on your case if you mess up she's quick to forgive and... she doesnt mind having an open marriage.

I like the idea because i dont have to be under a lot of pressure to please her.

If i cant do it hopefully some other guy (or maybe some other girl) can.

And if i slip up she'll be ok with it (even though i'll never tell her unless i get caught in the act).

I dont want to be old, lonely and miserable so i guess you have to make some compromises down the line.

Do i wish it could be a monogamous relationship where we get along very well and we blend together well and we dont have to look for substitutes?


Is it likely to happen... I dont know.

In this daya nd age you have to consider that most people are going to cheat on their spouse at one point in time in their life so why not go into the marriage anticipating and setting up a plan on what to do about it when it does happen.

Ive never cheated on any woman i was going steady with in my life.

I probably still wont do it now that its acceptable but i dont care if she does.

I just want a happy woman.

That's all.

I know she wont always be happy but i want her happy more than sad at least 75% of the time.

Thats selfish but what can you say.

So what do you say?

Would you have an open marriage or what.

I know im not the only freak up in here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in Brooklyn Kid!

I couldnt stay away from new york for long.

There will always be a special place in my heart for Harlem but i love, love LOVE Brooklyn.

All you see is black people downtown.

Not too many hispanics and whites.

Mainly Blacks!

Ive decided that im moving here for good.

Im staying in a hotel for now but eventually i want to get a house out here, or even rent a storefront and sell my herbal products that way and give lectures there.

Ive already gotten customers here so i see alot of potential.

This is the most confident ive ever felt about my future.

I cant beleive im actually starting to grow out of my Babyboy tendencies lol.